Creative Director

Webex Global Brand Studio

Selected Work

The Brand Studio is tasked with building and maintaining the Webex Global Brand. Creating most all marketing materials in-house and with select agency partners. The Studio is comprised of Creative Writers, Designers & Filmmakers.

Below is a selection from the studio portfolio. Examples that speak to breathe and the quality of work the studio is known for.

Webex Branding

Modern, vibrant, accessible and relevant. The brand elements are flexible to tell any story and bring concepts to life in a compelling and intuitive way, without ever overwhelming or distracting the audience.


Our in-house video team works on everything from demos to global commercials. Most content is written, edited and produced in house. Or built in partnership with select agency partners.

We’ve built efficiencies around a custom library of assets, footage and UI animations that make creating videos in budget and on short timelines part of our specialty.

More video work

Web presence

Our system is designed to be elegant, modular and clean. Key black and white elements create our baseline allowing for color and shape to bring excitement and attention. All complimenting and bringing focus back to our product UI system.
Webex Workplaces

Lifestyle Photography

Visual approach is to keep everything rooted in reality. Capturing scenes as if we are a fly on the wall of a collaborative process. By embracing natural light, building our scenarios in real spaces, and casting a blend of real people and professional talent we blur the sense of a production and organically show how Webex makes work more human.

Product Visualization

Our product renders & photography are designed to paint the product in the best possible light. The shots are clean, crisp and angled to show the most important features of the devices. 


Original creative for Physical & Virtual events. From booth design to full run of show.

Award Winning WebexOne

Hybrid Work Experience Center

18 distinct spaces from home to the office and into the IT command center.. even a medical office.

The vision of the Hybrid Work Experience Center is to give customers a tactile understanding of how Cisco product work together to solve every business need.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the space doubles as sets for commercials and high end broadcast demos.

The Hybrid Experience Center take half of the 2nd floor in the Cisco HQ.

Teaser for prospective customers before they tour the Experience Center.

Webex and integration partners light up Nasdaq Tower in NY Times Square

Webex lit up Times Square featuring 61 of our integration partners. The campaign extended to Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram with parters posting photos of their section of the advert.

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