Egnyte is the only modern content platform that puts businesses first. It provides IT centralized control of files and users fast access to their content, regardless of file size, device or location.


Creative Director

Product Visualization

Created a style showing a broad spectrum of Egnyte products and features.

Illustration Style

Developed for quick turn arounds and multiple use cases as not all features or solutions can be visualized with photos or screenshots.

Icon Style

Purpose built for Egnyte.
A simple, clean icon approach using our brand’s dark grey and a touch of color.

Photography Style

Selected images highlight optimal business performance. Whether commissioned or stock, Egnyte’s photography depicts proud, confident users.

Design System

Built from the ground up, this system covers most layouts and functionality for any need.


Design system in action. Including the use of video backgrounds

Customer Success




Quick Tips

Weekly video series showcasing helpful product features starring Egnyte employees.


Links on Desktop

Delta Edits

Product Features & Services

Animated series detailing new product features and services.

Egnyte Archive Service

Right to be Forgotten

Egnyte as a File Server Replacment