Directorial & Editing work

The Fusion Project

Artist Henry Asencio and Fashion Designer Yuliana Candra of BlacMéra acome together to create art, bring awareness and help deserving causes.

This teaser was created to build awareness in the first of a series of live events that the 2 artists were participating in.


CompTIA’s certifications increase employee retention and productivity. Not offering your employees training and certifications would be certifiable.


Reality series pitched National Geographic and green lit for production. Due to a change in Nat Geo management the show did not get made… yet

Close Enough

Web Series: Comedy, Road Trip
The adventures of 3 friends on the road to ruin!
Commissioned by Chevy

Sedona’s Rule (2010)

Feature Length Film – 90 min
Director – Josh Gillick
National Distribution – Green Apple Entertainment
International Distribution – RenderYard

In Bloom

“In Bloom” A painting by Henry Asencio. Commissioned by The American Heart Association.

Office Zombies

Another video in the CompTIA series. This time illustrating that Forty Percent of employees leave a company in the first year because of a lack of training. I choose to illustrate the discontentment as employees in a near zombie state “hungry” for advancement.

The Talent Showcase

A series of advertisements created to promote the showcase. Videos were promoted via Youtube, email campaigns and some television.

Dating Sucks

First in a series of humorous interviews and bad date reenactments. Originally created for a popular dating blog, now planned as part of an independent web series.


Part of a larger advertising campaign created for the west coast franchises of the Barbizon Modeling school.